Offering Landscaping Services in Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding areas. Professional appearance, responsibility & high quality of service guaranteed. Liability insurance on all work. Let’s get in touch!

landscaping kitchener waterloo

Speedside offers Landscaping services in Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding areas - Hamilton, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Burlington, Milton. We are one of the few landscapers in the area with the right tools to do the job quickly and safely.

Landscaping Kitchener Waterloo
Services We Offer:

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We’ll get on a call and discuss your landscaping needs. We will give you a rough estimate and explain our process and we can move to step 2.


On site assessment
and consultation

We will visit you, make a final assessment and create a personalized plan that suits your needs.


We take it from
and here

We show up as planned, on time and on schedule, with professionalism and we complete our tasks with quality and pride.

What Our Customers Say

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We have winter service contracts with Speedside for four 24 hour restaurants in Kitchener/Waterloo - including one last minute surprise addition that was worked in seamlessly. The season has been excellent so far, which is a huge relief after our experience with other contractors. Chris's team is vigilant, responsible, careful, thorough, and professional. We look forward to renewing our contracts next winter.

Kristen McD


Chris and the team are all around great!
Have dealt with numerous times and always have a positive outlook

Josh DeVries


Great company with amazing services and a great staff

Victoria Congdon Whittington


Chris and his crew are always hardworking and professional, and a lot of fun to work with.
They take pride in their work, and it’s obvious that Chris treats his crew members well, because they
seem very loyal and tend to stick around. Speedside Contracting is great outfit and I’m happy to recommend them!

T. Miller


Great prices and fast and friendly service. Thanks.

Bob Hunt

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Our Best Works

We know that a job well done is the foundation for long-lasting results, which can only happen with great customer service and attention to detail from the start of the project until the natural completion time!

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