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Our diverse fleet of snow clearing and salting equipment can handle what ever mother nature decides to throw our way. After the storm, our team continues to monitor for hazardous conditions and provides 24/7 ice patrol services.  We don’t quit until the job is done! Trust us with your snow removal needs to ensure your property in Kitchener is kept as safe as possible at all times. We service all types of commercial properties in the Brantfor area. Our job is to ensure you can run your business consistently 12 months of the year without weather disruption. Snow & ice maintenance are big jobs. Contact us today for an initial estimate on commercial snow removal services. Our team follows up from there with a site visit to assess your specific needs and configure a personalized plan that suits your needs. Put your shovel away, we are here to help.

snow removal brantford

No more weather disruption.

Life in Brantford, Canada means extreme weather conditions are to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you have to take care of them yourself.

Our fleet of snow clearing and salting equipment is prepared to handle whatever mother nature throws our way. Keeping your commercial property snow and ice free is essential for safety and your ability to continue to do business without interruption.

24/7 Ice and storm patrol.

Inclement weather can be unpredictable. After the storm our team continues monitoring hazardous conditions offering 24/7 ice patrol to commercial clients.

So enjoy a coffee in your warm office while we make certain your commercial property is safe and clean.

Our crew is certified and trained to safely remove hazardous or damaged trees from your commercial property. Ground removal or aerial lift, we ensure no damage to your property occurs in the process.

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Commercial Snow Removal
Services In Kitchener

  • Snow Plowing

  • Snow Monitoring

  • Snow Relocation

  • Snow Blowing

  • 24/7 Ice Patrol Services

  • Snow Haulage

  • Salting

  • Liquid De-Icing

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We take pride in our work and the quality of comercial snow removal we provide.
We strongly believe that a job well done and a happy client is the best marketing.
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We look forward to the opportunity of providing services to fulfill Whatever need you may have.

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